Stylish Homeware to Bring Spring Indoors

Spring is here – apparently unaware that everything else about normality has been disrupted. Whether we can be outside or not in the next few months, there are lots of little ways to bring this lighter and brighter season into the home. From opening the curtains earlier and the windows more often, to making the most of your garden or any windowsill space. I’ve also rounded up some fun homeware buys that add more colour and cheer. All these retailers are still delivering at the moment.

Mugs to brighten your day:

Firstly, if there’s ever a time to buy yourself a large and brightly coloured mug – it’s now. Making a cup of tea in your favourite mug (or better, having it made for you) has to be one of the simplest pleasures of the day, whatever else is happening. Especially as our moods are fragile, keyworker hours are incredibly long and stressful, and working from home is draining and isolating. So find yourself a new favourite – Oliver Bonas has some colourful options (and this retailer is giving 25% off for NHS, police, military and social care workers), Nom Living do beautiful stoneware (for a limited time there’s free delivery and a little surprise gift for every online order) and I’d also recommend googling whether there’s a pottery studio in your local area selling their pieces online.

Glassware for happy hour:

This is also a moment to up your glassware game. Let’s face it, we’re all drinking from home at the moment: a glass of wine to wind down, a gin at the weekend… It’s not just me, right? For the student years I made do with a mug, and when my partner and I first moved in together we got a set of 6 wine glasses (now 5, oops) from Ikea. But Made have some great wine glasses on sale just now. I also love the grown-up glassware on Barton Croft – especially their hand blown textured wine glasses. Again, it’s definitely worth looking up any independent retailers near you and giving them your business. Quality glassware is more sturdy, and therefore a better investment (even if it’s just one or two glasses for frequent use). Find something for your favourite beverage at home happy hour.

Blankets in Spring colours:

You can never have two many throws. I would like to hang this as a sign by the front door to justify my decor choices. Everybody appreciates a big snugly blanket for TV / film / theatre watching (sidenote – if you’re not watching the National Theatre’s At Home streaming on Youtube on a Thursday at 7pm, each production is up for a week afterwards and it’s the best of their shows over the past decade or so!). I’m also a naturally cold person, so a throw over my legs when working in the home office makes a big difference.

Go for a bright colour that blends with your decor, or creates a fun contrast. Check out the British Blanket Company (as the name suggests, these are beautifully crafted British made blankets). You can shop by colour, they have a range of textures/weaves and the prices are very reasonable for an item that is going to last for years and get so much use.

Mirrors to reflect light:

Consider how many mirrors are in your home, and where they can be placed so that light bounces back into the room. As well as the obvious bedroom and bathroom use, a well-placed mirror can help illuminate smaller spaces, hallways and home offices. Athropologie have useful table mirrors (including ones with stylish bases and a little shelf for beauty items). There are also good value larger mirrors on Wayfair and Next.

Add a fun art print:

If you’re not already shopping on Etsy, it’s a great way to support smaller artistic and craft businesses. You can buy a gorgeous print (I like this and this for a Spring theme) to brighten up any space, for under £10.

Indoor plants delivered to your door:

I am not at all green fingered – there are no plants in my house. We had a parsley plant for a little while (I named him Pollock, can’t remember why) but it withered up like all the rest. However, I appreciate that plants are a great way to stay connected to nature just now and to improve the air quality of your home. So I’ve been looking for an easy way to explore this, since I can’t wander down to a garden centre. Patch is a really clear and well structured website – you can select plants to suit your needs (groups include Almost Unkillable Houseplants), you can also buy pots, and the order is delivered to your door. They have video courses and articles on their websites to answer all your plant care questions. So really, I have no excuse…