In Plaster & Glitter

Disclaimer: This is a follow-on from my first post about buying a flat and ‘taking on a project’, so you might want to start there.

I won’t bore you with the various things I’ve learnt about plastering over the past couple of weeks (I say learnt, I mean I made the tea and asked questions of the actually skilled person fixing our scarred ceilings and walls). One big thing though – it’s messy.

Messy because the tiny flakes of plaster get everywhere (literally everywhere). Also, my partner is working on a panto at the moment so he sheds glitter with every step. There’s no escaping the sparkly pink flecks.

Also messy because everything has moved, and is now everywhere it shouldn’t be. We wanted to move our TV to a safe place, so somehow it’s now basically in the oven. As we’re not yet attempting the kitchen or bathroom in this redecorating process, they’ve become the home for everything shifted out the way. To make a cup of tea, you now have to scramble over our bedroom drawers, curtains and an assault course of lampshades. All the internal doors had to come off and now live in the bathroom – our bedroom door is standing by the loo (bit off-putting). We put various things we own in the loft for safe keeping, so we probably won’t see those again until 2038.

There is no longer any electric light in the living room, so since it’s dark at 4pm we have to eat dinner in bed if we want to see it (but we haven’t got a tray – it’s in the loft – so everything is in a bowl and must require only one piece of cutlery, which is basically how I cooked for myself at university so I’ve practised for this one).

Obviously, none of this is an actual problem. It’s just a bit confusing (where did I hide the internet? Ah it’s in the bathroom cupboard) and mostly very exciting. The raw walls make the flat feel new, and finally our’s. We can actually think about painting it.


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